2014 Parade Grand Marshal: Lily Kong of Keauhou

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Lily 1Lily Makuahine Namakaokaia Haanio Kong was born (1927) and raised in Keauhou and is Kupa no Ka aina of Keauhou  (“Kupa” means well acquainted with the land of Keauhou)

Aunty Lily is the last surviving sibling of 11 children and is a Daughter of Hawaii. She has seen many changes in Keauhou in her lifetime, but one of the many memories she has is the one great lesson that her father inspired in her as a child: “ Na Malama oe ka aina, Ka aina Ha’awi ia oe, na mea ai”.  Roughly translates to “Take care of the land and the land will give back.  Be greedy with the land and land will eat you up.

Growing up, Lily has lived with that lesson helping her mother take care of the land growing her fruit and vegetables; fishing and hunting….taking only what she needed to feed her family.  She has passed that lesson onto her eldest daughter Lily Jr. and together they started Mama’s Kona Coffee which is a featured coffee at the Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa.